TerrainEngine is a framework for procedural terrains or objects. It contains a robust core and fully customizable for all types of algorithms. TerrainEngine can be used for a multitude of projects, as infinite world or dynamically generate a template to modify as a static world. You can dynamically dig into the ground or create destructible objects and terrains in your world. We’ve built the tools for you to let your imagination go wild backed by the power of Unity3D.

Why Choose Us

There are many voxel engine solutions out in the world right now, but they are either too expensive or just don’t do enough.  The Terrain Engine is the only voxel editor technology tool that provides featured packed enhancements on top of the voxel creator and standard terrain destruction capabilities.  From several algorithms to choose in building a 2D terraria, blocky minecraft terrain, or high detailed no man’s sky – we’ve got it all.  On top of being a terrain generator, we are building great subsystems like highly efficient fluid and 600 thousand trees rendering at 60 FPS in order to make your games to the next level. With your support, the terrain engine voxel tools will only get bigger and better.



Voxel Terrain Algorithms

Terrain Systems: Processors

Terrain Utitlities


Procedural: Infinite Terrain